Thu. Jan 28th, 2021
Top 6 Ecommerce Industry Trends

Regardless of the fact that the global export trends are slowed down recently amid the pandemic, it is gradually limping back to normalcy. Coupled with innovative technologies and market policies, export trends are booming towards good fortune as it battles against the odds.

Here we break down the four major trends in global export that we shall be watching through the next half of this year.

Automation in supply chain
The evolution of technology and its adoption in supply chain has recently augmented the global export scenario. Artificial intelligence, robotics, block chain took business to a new level during the past few years and export sector is no different as we have witnessed its positive impact. This has contributed much to the export logistics and supply chain and will continue to exhibit its influence for fast and effective implementation of the business functions with no downtime.

Localisation of supply network
Just like technology, consumer behavior is also evolving as they can access a wide range of products anytime, on the go. That being said, the general trend among the buyers is that they always have a lineage towards those products that are more accessible to them. Localization has its own part to play and indeed, businesses are looking to bring in manufacturers closer to the end consumers. In other words, the importance of products and services to adapt to a local market is gaining significance in 2020.

Small companies go global
Today, most of the companies start as a global business right from the inception. Due to tough competition and consumer demands, from day one many businesses are well-equipped to enter an international market. With plenty of resources and services to their support, many companies are also getting prepared to tap the international market, regardless of their size, unlike what we have seen in the past, where companies need to be big in their size to enter an international market.

Service exports gaining momentum
The trends in international exports is trotting toward a boost in services sector in many new regions down through the second half of 2020. There will be a healthy demand for the services and the expectations are high. Trends show that there will be steady growth in global services sector, for instance, transportation and logistics during the latter half of the year.

Global export trends help business to arrive at the right decision to better implement activities to enhance customer satisfaction, in particular. To conclude, international exports are depended on the trade policies and the scenario is quite uncertain, however being aware of the latest trends would help businesses to embrace success, despite competition.

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