Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Direct exporting allows more freedom, in other words, it helps functioning without middlemen, implement business directly with customers and gives more control on sales. The absence of intermediaries makes it easy for the supplier to enhance returns and also helps end consumers too. Apart from these, advantages of direct exporting are aplenty. Here we list down a few merits of direct exporting.

  • Absolute control over product
  • Expenses and modes of delivery can be controlled
  • Helps identify potential buyer needs and their behaviour
  • Provides with better knowledge of market
  • Direct communication with customer
  • Faster feedback about the products sold
  • Facilitates market expansion to other closer regions.

Direct indirect export are two different types of exports in international trade. However, direct exporting is considered most suitable when a business wants to expand profits and market share. It requires extensive range of activities as the business has to implement everything independently. Considerable amount of time is required, nevertheless, once done perfectly, it’s worth the time and effort spent.

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