Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Isn’t it wonderful to buy with the help of shopping personal assistant just like the way we shop at a brick and mortar store? We have been experienced while shopping online that modern day ecommerce websites use chat bots to interact with customers. Implementing conversational commerce platform is vital so as to get exponential increment in customer interactions and evidently, to enhance the business’ customer base. Undeniably, it has become a powerful and inevitable part of every customer’s shopping journey.

Furthermore, the rising need for personalised attention toward every buyer makes Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered live chat bots thriving. No business can ignore the significance in regard to the way they interact with the customers. Long gone are the days when buyers search your online store for products, they preferred. Today, with the help of conversational commerce apps businesses can create awareness about brands, make the buyers informed about, and do the research for the products they are looking for and in most advanced cases would place the order for buyers without the click of a button!

The live chat ecommerce is designed to ease the shopping journey of a customer by all means. To be very precise, it never stops at the point where buyer makes the purchases. After purchase, the shopping personal assistant requests for customer feedbacks to further serve them the best during future visits. In fact, these digital employees take your business online to the next level.

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