Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

There are many reasons for starting an export trading company from ensuring economies of scale to improving sales. Exporting is a difficult process, it is not that hard if there is a perfect export plan in place. Indeed, it’s true that developing an export action plan cannot ensure success, however, it can minimise the effects of risks and facilitates efficiency of operations.

What exactly is an export plan?

An export plan contains all those actions that help a business to start selling products overseas. A very helpful tool for business owners to know their position in international markets, export plan primarily serves as a tool for checking the possible risks and developing a strategy to successfully reduce its impact. In addition to this, an export plan is used for knowing about the target markets and equip businesses in creating an export strategy, enhancing the relations with suppliers, distributors and other financial organisations.

The export plan differs between different businesses based on its products and services. It’s fundamental purpose is to launch and methodically penetrate product/s in marketplaces abroad for the purpose of maximising efficiency and improving profitability.

A good export plan should contain the following elements

  • Business description
  • Market analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Long term export objectives
  • Incoterms and international export aspects
  • Financial forecasts

Developing an export market plan helps business owners to evaluate the prospects as well as ensure robust participation. Make sure that the plan is adaptable enough to accommodate all the needs during the growth of business.

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