Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

It has been a thing of past where businesses had approached distributors or wholesalers for buying goods. Today with plenty of opportunities to buy uninterruptedly with the manufacturer directly, the businesses and of course, the end consumer is reaping whopping benefits. That being said, it’s truly undeniable that we cannot skip distributers downright during the process of buying and selling, even though buying directly from manufacturer brings many tangible benefits. Here is a list of

Why is it important to work directly with manufacturers?

The big question here is, how to find a manufacturer, as it may not be always easy. The bright side is that there are umpteen benefits for businesses while working with manufacturers directly. In this article, we breakdown a few key aspects that stress the importance of working with manufacturer one-to-one.

  •  Manufacturers know every aspects of their product, as it is evident that they make the product and understand every stage of the production process. As a result, they can provide very useful details on the product unlike wholesalers.
  • Top of all, manufacturers stock products in large quantities where a retailer has a number of options to choose from. Based on the advice right from the makers of the product itself, there won’t be any instances of misleading.
  • Another important aspect is that businesses can always get customised products quite easily. Purchasing directly from manufacturer implies that buyers can always make the deal based on their specific requirements.
  • The much-needed consolidation in supply chain becomes a reality when businesses and manufacturers work together without agents. There is more likelihood that both would adapt their practices to accommodate each other and to finally improve overall operational efficiency.
  • In addition to these, the purchase price will be always reasonably low. Absence of distributors eliminate the mark up price which buyers pay for and hence helps in cutting down the cost immensely. Also, the lead times would be extremely convenient and offer hassle-free warranty replacements.

The benefits of buying direct from manufacturer brings in efficiency at all levels. That’s why, we at Corrios, as an online reseller we work without intermediaries so as to easily separate manufacturers from agents with the intention of serving our loyal customers satisfactorily. From customised products to better deals, buying directly from manufacturers always pays off because we never want to compromise on our buyers’ interests.

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